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The idea behind

The idea of the is to evaluate user-provided resources (texts or URLs) to get potential content violation rate (PCVR).

Depending on the PCVR of the evaluated resource, it can be blocked or partially filtered to avoid showing inappropriate content to the end-user. Possible actions can be different and it’s all up to middleware.

Get more about

The API provides endpoints you connect to using your web-service user license key. These endpoints represent actions like evaluating and/or getting already evaluated potential content violation rates.

To perform a certain action you must post a request to the corresponding endpoint and handle the response. The supports JSON communication type. The API Reference leads to the lists of available endpoints where each endpoint is described in details.

We also support creating tasks. The submitted resource provided in the task will be crawled with a given depth value and the user will be notified (by provided Return URL) to pull the task results.

How it works

The receives a resource and evaluates it using our prediction model. The resource can contain either a text or a URL value. While analyzing it, we extract important features and use them to make a prediction of PCVR value. This value will be send back to the user as a response.

If the resource has been already evaluated, the response will take much less time.

There are 3 different PCVRs: Low, Medium and High.

  • Low is much less the content which suits well to children between 0 – 12 years old
  • Medium is much less the content which suits well to teenagers between 13-18 old
  • High is much or less the inappropriate content which represents obscene, vulgar or salacious words. It also includes words from suicides, porn or gambling themes

The main goal of the service is to keep a model with high prediction accuracy, therefore the training of the model happens only offline and with already approved resources by us.

As with any prediction models, there could be prediction mistakes. Our mission is to make clear distinction between Low and High PCVRs.

The info-graphic below shows an example of PCVRs distribution.

Use Cases

  • Check on the inappropriate content while crawling different blogs, social networks, online stores and etc (see Create Tasks API)
  • Include the service as a proxy for different browsers to block inappropriate content for the children (see Get / Predict Resource Rate)

How to test

We are pleased to provide you demo license keys to check the functionality of the service before buying your personal license key. A demo key supports 10 requests to our service. You can either setup a Postman (download a collection) or open Swagger API Reference page (use ‘Try it out’ button) to get the feeling how the works.

Please don’t forget to update key value with a new generated demo license key before calling the request.

Get your key

If you are ready to get your personal key, we provide in our shop three different license keys with duration of 3, 6 and 12 months. After the purchase, within several minutes you will receive a new generated license key to your email.

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